Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tired on the porch...

Busy summer here on my old porch. Kids and dogs, family and friends, wasps and even a snake have kept me hopping! M and kids last night. We all ate Chinese then I slept with the baby and Lila in the pink room. M and I went to the salvage store where she bought a bargain food processor. The baby, she is two now but everyone still calls her baby, is so precious. She is smiley with dimples and so loving. She saw toys in the store but said," I don't need em, Gran, I have toys at home." She studied each toy so intensely but walked away. We shopped too long and Papa burned the chicken...M could not stop laughing when he had no answer to the question, "Why didn't you just turn off the grill?" Funny stuff...
Oh, the snake slithered between my feet while I took several pictures of this old garden chair!

I'm reading The Wolf Gift by Ann Rice upstairs and In One Person by John Irving for book club as my down stairs book. Both books need to get better. Rice's book doesn't have her usual pizzazz...slow and stilted. Irving's book is making me walk in a pair of stilettos. Ouch!

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