Monday, March 5, 2012

A road less traveled...

This is the road I traveled on Saturday from the baby's second birthday party to a dear friend's mother's 100th birtday party. Might have seen 3 other cars...

Just because I am now part of a book club I going to answer a few questions I found on a favorite blog...

#1 Which is your favorite genre of books to read and has it changed over time? I'll read anything. Historical fiction, modern fiction, fantasy, detective. I don't (can't) read romance novels. Not much change over time I have always read everything.

#2 Do you create a list of books to read for the year? No, it is really just random choices.

#3 do you have a reading goal for the year? No I do  not but I am keeping a list of what I read.

#4 Who is your favorite living author? Cathy Lamb, Kay McLaren, Deborah Harkness

#5 How do you organize your books? In piles. Read, to read, how did that get under the bed, could not make myself read...

#6 Do you listen to or read audio or e-books? Yes, I walk and ride bike with my audio books. I have  a  Kindle App on my Droid, new favorite toy.

#7 How do you choose what to read next? I browse book blogs, I go to the library, friends &  family on Goodreads. I am always looking for a good book.

#8 Which book has had the biggest impact on your life? Terms of Endearment changed how I felt about losing my mother to cancer when I was a teen...

#9 Which characters have you felt are the most real or believable? Imperfect people with challenges and flaws. I love those characters that struggle through life but make it good. Quirky unusual people, too. (the homeless girl in Language of Flowers)

#10 Favorite books? I have many...this year, my 60th, A Discovery of Witches, The Wierd Sisters, Born Under a Lucky Moon

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  1. The snow photos look so lovely. We had very little snow this year for New England.

    I loved Terms of Endearment as well -- so sad too. I also lost my mom to cancer in 1987:(