Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunrise on the porch...

"Some grief is good grief...just ask Charlie Brown..." I just heard Michael Scott of the Office say that. I liked it. If you look really close at the picture you can see the arm and back of my porch chair...
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  1. It's a lovely picture. But I'm really commenting here in response to your post on One Minute Writer yesterday about the old stories your family tells. The only way to preserve them is DO IT. Either record them when people at the table start talking or sit down later and write the stories as you remember them, preferably in the voices of the tellers. Keep them in a format your grandchildren will be able to access [hard copy is best, I think] It'll certainly take more than a minute but the result will be worth it.

  2. June, I keep wanting to do that...I think you might have just given me the nudge I need! My husband just had back surgery this week so I have been out of touch...thanks for your comment!