Saturday, August 14, 2021

Reading on the porch…


I read Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See and appreciated how well written it was. A much better read than most other WWII books out there. I am done with WWII novels by the way. No one ever wins. So many young people die. No one learns anything. 

So when I was given the opportunity to read the ARC #CloudCuckooLand by Scribner and Net Galley I was excited to read another book by Doerr. I have not been disappointed. It took me a few pages to sort out the stories and the connections but when I got it I could not stop reading. Special characters. Konstance, Zeno, Omeir, Anna and even Seymour. Their stories are intertwined by an ancient script written by Diogenes. Cloud Cuckoo Land. The stories are set in Constantinople, Idaho and Outer Space. Their lives are lived through time. #AnthonyDoerr #CloudCuckooLand #netgalley #Scribner

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Home, home on the porch...


 And we are back from the hospital. Five days of nothing by mouth. Endoscopy, biopsies,  ultrasound endoscopy and more biopsies. Finally a liquid diet. The dog he missed every day. Our family. 

A diagnosis to make the blood run cold. 

He is still smiling. He wants us all to be ok. To be comfortable. 

Oh, Papa. You are loved.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

The times, they are a changin’...

 It is shocking how a day can change everything. An ordinary life lived with quiet joy. Children and grandchildren give us our happiness, our adventure. Peace and love. Then a bit of nausea. An ache too excruciating to be nothing. A trip to the emergency room. A CT scan revealing a dire diagnosis, the most dire. An ambulance trip to a larger hospital for more tests. More fear, more tears. More pain for my dear husband. We are still waiting for confirmation of the small hospital’s horrific diagnosis. I don’t think we will survive this. Either of us. He is my rock. I am going to have to take on that role. Somehow. I am a strong person. I will do this for him. 

I thought we would be together forever. We have had 50 years of good health. A good life. Just lucky, I guess. 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

70th birthday on the old front porch...

 My 70th birthday. I woke up to coffee and apple strudel. Flowers and a hammock. My last hammock rotted away from sunstroke. I put things away for a while then I don’t. I love a hammock. So good gift. We took a drive to Marquette.            TJ Maxx. Huron Mountain Bakery . Lunch and a blueberry 🫐 beer at the Vierling. Delicious. Then home to another trifle by Cammy and girls. A vanilla raspberry cake. Aging is sweet on the porch. I had a wonderful day. Connected with all of my family by FaceTime, phone or text. And right here at home. 

My last question of the last month of my sixth decade. What makes you strong? This is a hard question. I think I am strong because I grew up with out many material things. I learned from a mother with strong character how to take care of myself and the people around me. I learned to find joy in a small, ordinary life. I see it in my siblings as well.  That strength of character we all have. We still enjoy each other’s company. We have fun playing games together. Being together after all these years(we are all over sixty) is so much fun. Does that answer this last question? I think it does. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Birthday Eve...

                     The Florida birthday cake.
                                   The bathing suit.
                                   The suit plus ocean. 

 One day left to be 69. Tomorrow I will be 70. I picked a few easier questions for today. Not as soul searching.

Would you rather read fiction or nonfiction? Until I read Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, The Things They Carried, Heavy by Kiese Laymon, How We Fight for Our Lives by Saeed Jones, Hidden Figures, When Breath Becomes Air, A Lesson Before Dying I would have said fiction. Without hesitation. I read these books because of the book challenges I have participated in. I still choose fiction as my favorite books to read but I am enjoying nonfiction as well. 

How do you feel about swim suit shopping? I just went swimsuit shopping with my granddaughters in Florida. We went to a high dollar department store. Many choices. They were nearly hysterical when I tried on a suit that exposed my entire cleavage. Think about my age. Then they found a ruffled, flattering, nicely fitting suit. Swim suit shopping can be traumatic for me at 69. But shopping with my grand girls was fun. 

To What makes you cry? Saying goodbye to my grandkids. I say goodbye so often. My kids live in other states. Soldiers reuniting with their families. Lost dogs reuniting with their owners. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Grateful on the porch...

 What are you grateful for?

So much. I am grateful for my husband of 52 years. I am grateful for what a good friend he is to me. I feel loved and cared for. I am grateful for my daughters and their wonderful children.  I am grateful for my home with an old front porch. I have so much. Life is good even if I am going to be 70 in two days. What? Why? I am grateful for all my birthday cakes. Three cakes so far. There might be one more. I really only have birthdays for the cake. I am grateful for the beautiful bracelet my sister sent me. I am grateful for Squid Lips. Good books. Good food and good people. 

                 An assortment of cakes over the years! 

Monday, April 26, 2021

Home, home on the porch...

                                     Cake by Cammy 
                                        This is 60 
Me and Joanie-Pre 70th celebration

Where do you feel the most like yourself?

On my porch. In this very old house. In my small town.?With my husband of fifty two years (June 14). With my beloved family. Building this place where I feel good in my skin has been a journey. How did I go from a girl who barely knew the man I married to a woman who has a partner who is my very best friend? We travel together with ease. We care for each other with love. Good humor and support. It took some time but it was worth the effort. 

Birthday celebration #3. With my sister-in-law, Joanie. At my daughter Cammy’s home. We are three days apart so have celebrated together for years. Our 40th, our 60th and now our 70th.